In Week 10, I added the feature to run the generator with arguments containing the path to project directory. I also completed the feature of overwriting/renaming the build directory if it already exists and updated the documentation and tests for the new features.

This week’s progress

In week 11, I updated the demo pages and added developer docs. Last week, I talked to the author of complex viewer and he agreed to merge our web component if we have the same directory structure as its repository so I also started working on complex viewer to complete it. I also started working on the blog to promote our generator.

Tasks completed in week 11

1. Update the demo pages.
2. Added developer docs.
3. Start upgrading on complex viewer.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Friday, this time):

1. Last week we discussed about the blog and I started working on the blog, this week we decided that we will finish it.
2. The generator is almost complete and we should release it very soon.
3. I will finish upgrading the complex viewer so that we can have an example web component merged.
4. We also discussed that we can solve some of the simpler issues before releasing a new version of the generator.

Goals for week 12

1. Complete upgrading the demo pages.
2. Complete upgrading complex viewer.
3. Finish the blog.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. —