In Week 9, I again worked on bio-pv to have a nice example of a web component. I also worked on a new component - BioJS Homology tool to understand the process of making new components and see if there is any scope of improvements. I finished this component. I also fixed a bug due to which CSS was not added to visualisation and added unit tests for it. Lastly, I started working on a new feature that Sarthak suggested which will let users to run the generator with arguments which will be the path of the project directory.

This week’s progress

In week 10, I completed the feature of running generator with arguments. This will let user to run the command yo @biojs/biojs-webcomponents /path/to/directory and the generator will create the project in the directory whose path is specified in argument.

In the previous week, Sarthak suggested some major changes in the overwrite/rename build directory PR, so I worked on that and completed it. These changes made the whole workflow simpler and faster. After that I realised that the feature of running generator with arguments can be improved a lot. For example - The directory mentioned in arguments was created by the generator and if it already existed, it showed an error. I fixed it so that if the directory doesn’t exist, only then the generator will make a new one along with several other minor improvements.

I then updated the documentation for both of these new features and added unit tests for the features. I also updated my previous PRs to do some minor improvements in the features.

Tasks completed in week 10

1. Add feature to run generator with argument containing path to project directory.
2. Add feature to overwrite/rename the build directory if it already exists.
3. Update the documentation.
4. Add tests for the new features.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Friday, this time):

1. I listed out all the tasks left so that we can prioritise the important ones and work on them.
2. We decided that I will work on adding dev docs, improving demo pages and start making a new blog for all the new web components that I made/upgraded.
3. We decided that we will wrap up after we have a MVP as soon as possible so that we can publicize the generator, get feedback and improve it accordingly.
4. We decided that I should also work on complex viewer and make its directory structure same as its original repository.

Goals for week 11

1. Improve the demo pages.
2. Add developer docs.
3. Work on complex viewer.
4. Start working on the blog for the newly upgraded components.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. —