In Week 8, I stopped upgrading bio-pv and started upgrading complex viewer to a web component, I also added the primary option of installing (importing) component as npm package while upgrading existing components. I added the option to overwrite/rename the build directory if it already existed and solved some conflicts in my previous PR.

This week’s progress

In week 9, I finished upgrading bio-pv so that we have a complete working example of an upgraded web component. I started making a new component to understand the process of making a new component and see if there is any scope of some major improvement(s). I finished this component. There was a bug in the generator due to which custom styles in the stylesheet were not added to example page, I fixed it and added tests for it. I also worked on a new feature that Sarthak suggested in which we can run the generator with arguments.

Tasks completed in week 9

1. Finish upgrading bio-pv so that we have a completely upgraded web component.
2. Finish making a new component. (See `Code` section below to read about this component.)
3. Fix CSS bug.
4. Work on the new feature of running generator with arguments.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

1. Yo suggested that we should publish the new component on npm and we decided that we will do it in the coming weeks.
2. We decided that we should wrap up the improvements and other features this week so that we can release a new version of the generator.
3. We discussed about the important tasks/features that needed to be completed in this week.
4. I suggested a feature which came into my mind while making the new component and we discussed its feasibilty, usefulness etc.
5. Yo shared a doc which had guidelines for making command line tools to see if there is anything we can improve.

Goals for week 10

1. Work on the tasks left - running generator with arguments, working on previous PR of overwriting/renaming build directory.
2. Work on the minor improvements listed in doc.
3. Add tests for the features added this week.
4. If time permits, work on improving the examples page, open issues, etc.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. Read what the new component is about here and check its code here. See it in action here