In Week 7, I upgraded bio-pv to a web component, fixed a minor bug, updated README and added instructions while running the generator and improved

This week’s progress

In week 8, I was upgrading bio-pv to Web Component and opened an issue in its repository but since it was not an active project, I moved on to upgrading complex-viewer. Apart from that, I added the primary option to install component as npm package as it was the best way. I also added the option to overwrite/rename the directory if it already existed and solved some conflicts in my previous PR.

Tasks completed in week 8

1. Implemented all the basic features in bio-pv.
2. Added option to install component as npm package. The link to the new workflow is in the `Code` section.
3. Added option to overwrite/rename the component-dist directory if it already existed.
4. Solved conflicts in my previous PR.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

1. I spoke with Colin, the author of Complex Viewer and he asked to work on the component by forking the repo of the component and we decided to work on it over the following weeks.
2. In previous week, Yo gave me the idea of making a new component and we decided that I will start working on this in week 9.
3. I was also asked to list down my tasks planned for week 9 because there were too many, so that we all can come up with a priority order and I can work on the tasks according to the priority order.
4. We also decided that I will work on some small improvements in the generator and work on the new features if time permits.

Goals for week 9

1. Work on the new component that Yo suggested.
2. Keep upgrading component(s).
3. Work on the small improvements.
4. If time permits, work on the new features as well.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. See the new workflow here. —