In Week 6, I upgraded Cytoscape to a Web Component, divided the README into two parts - Contribution guide and User’s guide and updated the documentation.

This week’s progress

This week I upgraded bio-pv to a Web Component. Earlier user’s needed to write 40 to 50 lines of code and after upgrading to a Web Component they could do the same thing in just 4-5 lines of code and the code is easy to understand too. I also made some minor improvements in generator like upgrading the README in templates, fixed a bug which prevented webpack to run successfully, added instructions while the dependencies were installed when user ran the generator and improved instructions in The main agenda of these improvements was to guide user in a better way.

Tasks completed in week 7

1. Upgraded bio-pv to Web Component.
2. Updated README in templates.
3. Fixed a minor bug.
4. Improved instructions for user in and added instructions while installing dependencies.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

1. In previous meet, I was asked to make a list of improvements, features and learnings from my experience of upgrading components. I made the list and we discussed the features and decided that I will work on these in a priority order that we all are going to decide.
2. Meanwhile I was asked to keep working on bio-pv and open a issue in its repository so that I can contact its author and talk to him regarding the Web Component and his views/ideas.
3. Yo said that she will come up with a list of components that I can upgrade apart from bio-pv just to test the generator.
4. One of the features for the generator was to make separate templates for making components and upgrading them and Yo said that she will come up with a use case (a new component) so that I can try making a new one and find the changes required in the templates.
5. We also discussed that instead of importing the build file which was a long process, we can simply install the component as a npm package which would make the workflow very simple. Sarthak asked me to come up with a new workflow with this new feature in it.

Goals for week 8

1. Keep upgrading component(s).
2. Add option to install component as a npm package.
3. Work on the new components that Yo will suggest.
4. Add option to overwrite/rename the component-dist directory if it already existed.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. —