In Week 5, I added unit tests for the new features, updated the documentation and divided the documentation in two parts, one for contributing and other for using the generator.

This week’s progress

Let’s go back in time a little bit. So, in March I was trying to upgrade a Web Component in order to understand the project better. I tried it for three to four days and failed and then I had to write my proposal so I couldn’t upgrade a component. So this week when I started again I was a bit afraid and I failed again but then I read the documentation for hybrid.js and source code of web component prototype and finally I upgraded Cytoscape to a Web Component. I also resolved some issues with my previous pull requests which divided README and updated the documentation.

Tasks completed in week 6

1. Upgraded Cytoscape to Web Component.
2. Updated documentation.
3. Break down README.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

1. Sarthak pointed out some changes in the workflow like giving an option to either rename or overwrite if a build directory with same name exists.
2. We discussed about the work left and how should I plan my tasks for the coming weeks and decided that I should keep upgrading components while also improving the generator.
3. I was asked to make a list of [improvements]( that I think our generator still needs and a updated timeline for the left GSoC period.
4. We decided to add an option to import the component as npm package as the primary option to upgrade an existing component after confirming with Yo.

Goals for week 7

1. Keep upgrading component(s).
2. Note down any improvements that I think the generator will need while upgrading component.
3. Make minor improvements in the generator.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. —