In Week 4, I completed error handling, enhanced validation for some inputs, added contribution guide and started working on the tests for new features.

This week’s progress

In this week, I finally completed writing the tests for the new features I added over the past few weeks, thanks to Sarthak and Yo as I got stuck and they helped me out. I also updated the tutorial and separated the README into files one for contributing and other for using the generator.

Tasks completed in week 5

1. Write unit tests for new features.
2. Update documentation.
3. Break down README.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

1. In the previous weekly call, I suggested some new features and decided to think about them. I thought about them and we decided to add a fallback to npm workflow somewhere which is to be decided over the week.
2. To decide the place to put fallback, it was decided that I will make a workflow diagram and show it to the mentors.
3. We decided that it may be useful to look over the templates in the generator and see if they can be improved by using user's answers to the new prompts that were added.

Goals for week 6

1. Check out the templates and change them to include user's answers to the new prompts.
2. Try upgrading some components to web components.
3. Add fallback to npm flow.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. —