In Week 3, I completed the new workflow, added contribution guide in README and started error handling.

This week’s progress

I have completed error handling, enhanced validation for user inputs, added contribution guide and started working on adding tests for the new features.

Tasks completed in week 4

1. Complete error handling.
2. Enhance validation.
3. Add contribution guide.
4. Some minor bug fixes pointed out in the meet.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

1. I got stuck at some unit tests and Sarthak decided to help me by checking out my code.
2. We discussed the work that needs to be done before the first evaluation - add tests, update tutorial.
3. We discussed about the potential features that can be added to the generator. I had some basic ideas and it was decided that I will think about the usefulness and implementation of the features and we will discuss them in the next meet.

Goals for week 5

1. Complete writing tests and updating documentation.
2. Decide the implementation and usefulness of new features.
3. Start working on the new feature(s).


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. —