In Week 2, I worked on the new workflow and added validation on inputs.

This week’s progress

I finished implementing the new workflow for making and upgrading components. I also updated the README by adding the Contribution guide and started working on the error handling and various improvements suggested.

Tasks completed in week 3

1. Complete the workflow.
2. Add contribution guide in README.
3. Start working on error handling and other minor bugs.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

1. We tested the generator with the new features and found bugs and improvements.
2. We decided to break the README into multiple sections, so that it doesn't become very clustered.
3. Many changes were suggested which will improve the workflow.

Goals for week 4

1. Complete the error handling.
2. Fix the minor bugs like version checking and asking the user whether he wants to retain the files he has in the dist folder (if it already exists).
3. Start working on unit and e2e tests.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. —