In Week 11, I updated the demo pages and added developer docs. I also started working on complex viewer again. I also wrote a basic draft of the blog.

This week’s progress

In week 12, I completed the blog and asked mentors to review it, I will work on their suggestions on the blog in the coming week. I also updated my PR for upgrading demo pages. I completed complex viewer but still have to do some wrap up work before contacting its author. While I was working on complex viewer I realised that there are some changes that need to be done in the demo pages so I will make some changes in the demo pages again.

Tasks completed in week 12

1. Complete upgrading complex viewer.
2. Finish writing the blog.
3. Update demo pages

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Friday, this time):

1. We discussed the tasks left before releasing a new version of the generator.
2. We decided that we will release the blog on Friday so we have to complete the final changes before that.
3. If time permits, I will work on some small issues before releasing the generator.
4. I will contact Colin (Complex Viewer's author) after wrapping up Complex Viewer as soon as possible.
5. We also decided that it would be good to publish BioJS Homology Tool on npm, so I have to make some final changes.

Goals before final evaluation

1. Release a new version of the generator.
2. Publish BioJS Homology Tool on npm.
3. Finish the blog.
4. Work on issues in generator, if time permits.


The code can be found in the PRs which I sent to the main repository. Complex viewer’s code can be checked out here. —