Before the coding period started, I went through my proposal once again so as to plan my schedule and rethink about the features that I am going to implement in the coming weeks and how I am going to do it.

This week’s progress

I started working on the project 2 days ago before coding period started, I read the yeoman’s guide once more and kickstarted with updating the dependecies version in package.json as they were outdated. I also found a typo and a logical error in the code and fixed them. Lastly, unit tests were added and I made a workflow for the generator and started implementing it.

Tasks completed in week 1

  1. Find and fix bugs in the existing generator.
  2. Update package.json with the latest dependencies.
  3. Start working on separate workflow for upgrading components and making new ones.
  4. Add unit tests.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Wednesday):

  1. We talked about the workflow and how should the generator import files that the user may need to upgrade components.
  2. It was decided to make a GSoC Project Board, which was done and I added my tasks for June.

Goals for week 2

  1. Decide which are the options we are going to provide to import files.
  2. Implement the full workflow
  3. Add unit and e2e tests for the new feature.
  4. Validate user input and allow user to proceed only if he enters the input in correct format.


Though, I have already implemented the workflow mostly, I have done it on various branches which I didn’t push on GitHub, so the code will be available next week on the project’s repository