I majorly worked on adding test elements to the website for ease in week 11. Few other changes to refine the website like npm URL of the component, link to the contributor’s profile, etc. were made.

This week’s progress

MVP is finally ready! Week 12 consisted of refining the website and making some important changes to create a complete MVP to be published.

Tasks completed in week 12

  1. Show activity indicator when content is loading
  2. Add build instructions to Guide on website
  3. Add bio-pv to “Visualize” home page
  4. Create different debug version for the website which can be seen upon adding “?debug=true” query param
  5. List of versions (/version-list on website) to compare with old and new website

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Sunday):

  1. MVP is almost ready. Just a few changes to be done and we’re ready to publish.
  2. Issues tagged “GSoC 2018 ToDo” here to be solved before submitting evaluation.

Goals for week 13

  1. Solve the issues tagged “GSoC 2018 ToDo” here


The latest version of the website can be found here.