Modern data visualization

BioJS is a library of over hundred JavaScript components enabling you to visualize and process data using current web technologies. Therefore BioJS makes it easy for you to integrate your visualizations into your own website or web application. The library offers a wide range of components for your use cases. And if you're not finding what you are looking for, you can still create your own BioJS component fully suited to your needs.

Easy setup with JavaScript

BioJS enables you to integrate powerful visualization components into your website or web app and use them straight away. Our components from the BioJS Registry are pre-packed with all the tools and dependencies they need to make them work in your personal setup.

A growing community

BioJS unites users and developers from all around the globe to create outstanding biological data representations. The open-source character of the BioJS project makes it easy for anyone to follow and discussion current developments in the project, as well as to contribute and share their code with others. We are happy for you to get into contact with us either via the Gitter Chat. And we are excited to see your ideas come to life. Becoming a BioJS developer is easy and straightforward. Just contribute your code to our component registry in a few steps.