Week 10 observed substantial progress with the ansible playbook and hence, it was necessary to wrap it up by week 11.

This week’s progress

With the completion of week 10, I was pretty much done with the backend part of the ansible playbook. Week 11 required testing it along with Dennis and working on the automated deployment of the front-end.

Discussion and tasks: week 11

  1. Collaborate with Dennis to test the deployment of the new website across servers using the created ansible playbook.
  2. Complete ansible plays to integrate the deployment of the front-end as well.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Sunday):

  1. Two more servers have been acquired and serving has to be tested.
  2. Start updating the new website on so as to start migration as soon as possible.
  3. Add anything that has to be done as an issue so it can be tackled in the future, in case Megh or Sarthak are not able to work in the future.
  4. Create a prioritization report for fixing the visualization issues.

Goals for week 12

  1. Test the ansible playbook on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Image, it is working great on an 16.04 one.
  2. Scrape the version numbers from for further requirements in visualizations.


The latest version of the website can be found here.