Week 4 consisted of adding great details to the component’s page. A sample page for cytoscape can be seen here. Tests were written and documentation was updated.

This week’s progress

A search component was implemented to search amongst all the components. It searched across the component’s name and it’s tags. More information regarding the search can be found here (details about the fuzzy search here). Documentation was also updated.

Tasks completed in week 5

  1. Implemented fuzzy search and integrated it with backend. Visit.
  2. Linked the components to their individual pages. Visit.
  3. Documentation has been updated. Visit The changes and the discussion can be seen here in the pull requests.


The screenshots of weekly progress can be found here.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Sunday):

  1. Work on the visualization in week 6 as it is a very integral part of BioJS.
  2. The Guide or Documentation needs to contain more details and explain the communication with the backend (API calls).

Goals for week 6

  1. Work on the Visualizations
  2. Update documentation
  3. Continue writing tests


The latest version of the website can be found here.