This week’s progress

The basic directory structure of the website and a few components like the navigation bar were set up in the first week. Week 2 consisted of adding great details and new components to the website using the API calls which were made for the prototype.

Tasks completed in week 2

  1. Travis CI has been set up for continuous integration
  2. Landing page UI has been made except the visualization section
  3. UI for the page “Guide” has been made and documentation has been initialised using PropDoc
  4. Components’ page has been created The changes and the discussion can be seen here in the pull requests.


The screenshots of weekly progress can be found here.

Minutes of the meeting (weekly call on Sunday):

  1. A master document has to be created having a set of all the important links for efficient communication. The master doc can be found here.
  2. Weekly blog posts for frontend and backend can be reviewed amongst the students and put up on the BioJS blog.
  3. Mentors shall be tagged in the Pull Requests so that they can review it.
  4. “About Us” section of the blog needs to be updated. The same content would later be used for the BioJS website.

Goals for week 3

  1. Make the components’ page (dynamic)
  2. Setup Karma and initialise unit tests
  3. Create page for each component with dynamic routing


The latest version of the website can be found here.